I used to work in the field of human resource and database, and now I am learning Computer Graphic Design at UoW.

I love interactive design and I have expanded my skills across many areas like web development, video production and 3D architectural modeling. I am going to work on design and be a brilliant designer in the future.

Project Description

Now you can plan your garden, troubleshoot landscaping problems, and learn more about plants. Faeriegarden is an app facing to young people. It will be your best gardening companion: you will be able to improve your garden design, take better care of plants and gain more plant-related information. Besides, Faeriegarden will record the growing of plants and garden.

Faeriegarden includes three parts: Plants Guide, Garden Journal and Virtual-garden Game.

1. Plants Guide includes a wide range of information, from the details of leaf type, seeds, flower and bloom time to helpful care information.

2. In Garden Journal you can save notes and add your own photo album. You can record your garden and track your plants' progress. It also reminds you to water and fertilize.

3. Virtual-garden Game is a fascinating simulator of garden. This is a garden that combines various plants, garden ornaments and buildings. You have the opportunity to build gardens of different styles.

This project includes branding, app design and game design.

Faeriegarden - Xieqing Zhao