Hello, I’m Vouchleang (pronounced “Wit-leean”), a soon-to-be graduate at the UoW. For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for art. My favourite thing to do as a kid was cut out newspaper catalogs and glue it on A4 paper… Till this day I still enjoy cutting and gluing.

The last few years have really allowed me to grow as a designer, through exploring new ways of communication. Beyond that I have always been fascinated by packaging and the way products are presented.

I’ll end with this fun fact about me: I wear jandals all the time… even in winter.

Project Description

Fuglee Skincare is a brand/company dedicated to creating simple, honest, and uncomplicated products, matching the products to the consumers’ skin type.

The aim of Fuglee is to create a skincare line that assists in the process of self-care and relaxation for the average young female. Fuglee starts off with a facemask range that solves the concern of certain skin types reacting with different damaging chemicals, in which many young females experience. Fuglee has created a facemask range that allows users to cater to their skin type, benefiting the overall experience of gaining a vibrant complexion, without the consequences of harmful based ingredients.

With this concept in mind the main aspect of this project focuses on branding and packaging.

Fuglee Skincare - Vouchleang San