I’m a third-year student studying a bachelor's of computer graphic design. I’ve always loved art and design, with a deep love for wacky and different ideas or perspectives. I believe many of the problems in the world are caused by bad communication, which is why what we do is so important. Ever since taking this degree I see errors in everything, as hard as I try not to!

I am capable of many design practices such as typography, print, logos and advertising, but enjoy practical art and concept generation the most.

Project Description

My project helps address the new and rapidly evolving world of VR and complex systems. In modern day society we are learning more, but understanding less. In this project I look at how modern technology (VR) can be used to demystify subjects thought by the general public as “magic”.

The project was made on Unreal Engine 4 with the assistance of an Oculus Rift. It allows the user to interact with the systems and pull them apart piece by piece, the VR is useful as it allows an interactive way of learning which is debatably the best. It is explained in a way that any common joe can pick up the Oculus and learn how complex things work, in this project the subject is a gas turbine.

Complex System Visualization - Patrick Knights