A relentless problem solver with unquenchable curiosity.

My name is Nicole, a soon-to-be graduate at UoW and an intermediate user experience and user Interface designer, with a great passion for experience design and creating human-centred experiences. I take great pride in translating business objectives and user needs into tactical experience design deliverables, that drives outcomes.

Outside of UX/UI, I highly enjoy branding, logo design and print work. If I am not in front of my over-priced MacBook or geeking out about the new Google design, I am probably outside enjoying nature and some exercise endorphins.

Project Description

My project provides a solution for recruiters, who face difficult and long hiring processes. coHired uses data to streamline the process, taking hundreds of CVs and shortlisting them based on the candidate's experience for the role, whether they are likely to enjoy the work and how they might fit into the team. Being stuck at a desk makes the process even longer, but by having a simple easy-to-use mobile app, recruiters can hire-on-the-go and never miss the ideal candidate.

My project is developed using the process of User Experience to create a user-centered design that recruiters will love.

coHired's Shortlisting App - Nicole Odendaal