I am a soon-to-be graduate here at UoW and will be graduating with a Bachelor in Computer Graphic Design. Ever since I was a child I’ve had a passion for creative arts and one of the first gifts I remember receiving was an Art supply pack.

In High School I thrived in the creative subjects, receiving top of the class and gaining excellence in Art. Now that I am studying at University I have developed a passion for digital design, while trying to expand my skills and knowledge in this field.

Project Description

For my degree project I wanted to create and design a company that will help people who suffer from Atopic dermatitis (eczema). ZEMA Eczema Association NZ is a company who aims to provide information that will help and aid people who suffer from eczema and parents of children who also suffer from the skin condition.

ZEMA has an application that provides a range of useful information such as a Daily Journal that will help keep track of the condition. It has a Dietary tool that will help inform whether a product has a high or low risk of eczema flare ups; latest news updates relating to eczema; tips on how to prevent possible flare ups; an online store to purchase eczema care products; and a large range of other useful things.

I have also looked at ways to Brand ZEMA by designing various stationery including letterheads and business cards, and package designs for products that will be included in ZEMA’s eczema care package. Products include soap, moisturizer, facial cream etc.

ZEMA Eczema Association NZ - Kauri Neilson