I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design. Creativity has always been a passion of mine, even as a child my mother would have to hide the craft scissors from me because she was going through too much paper!

In Highschool, I did well in the arts subjects and gained the Overall Excellence in Visual Arts Award which acknowledged my skill in art, design, and photography. It was clear to me what I wanted to do as a career and since studying at University I have expanded my skills across all areas of design. I am extremely excited to jump into the industry and learn more!

Project Description

I love to cook, and there are a lot of resources available to help. Cookbooks, mobile apps, websites and magazines. Though these are all helpful, have you ever noticed that the majority of these recipes are designed for your typical family of 6. Isn't this frustrating! What about when you are home alone? Or if you are throwing a dinner party to feed 13?

That is why I have created a recipe based mobile app that enables the user to customize any recipe by entering the number of people they need to feed. The user simply enters the amount of serves they want and the app does the rest! Now how is that for easy cooking!

My app is targeting those who have a specific amount of people to feed that is outside the generic requirements for a recipe. The Food Division app wants to give its users the same experience and ease of use of reading a recipe that everyone else gets naturally. The app was created using Adobe XD and will provide not only custom recipes but lets you store recipes, search for receipes and so much more!

The Food Division - Julia Cox