Design is important to me because it can express and communicate so much. Our daily lives are made so pleasant by the design world, and I want to be a part of it. A highlight of my studies is spending a year in Japan learning about its unique art & design.

One of my favourite areas to work in is brand identity - I enjoy creating a visual language that matches a profile. I am also a huge fan of music and its ability to provoke emotion, which is why I made my degree project, Collab.

Project Description

My degree project is Collab, a web app prototype that streamlines music collaboration. Collab is targeted towards musicians that want to create music with others online.

Music collaboration can be a painful experience. Combined with the difficulties that come with working online, creating music with others sometimes becomes unbearable. The process is often split between several applications and websites in an attempt to handle communication, project management, file storage, and sharing content. I, and many members of the music community, found that there is no suitable tool that catered to all these specific needs.

Collab aims to fill that gap and provide the best user experience possible for musicians collaborating online. The web app acts as both a tool for organizing collaborations (deadlines, file storage, announcements), and for discovering music (trending, recommended, followed). These two aspects come together in a tightly linked system, that brings productivity to online music collaboration.

Collab. Create more.

Collab - James Egan