I'm a third year student at Waikato University studying Computer Graphic Design. I have always loved animation and graphics, which hase led to a massive interest in 3D movie cinematics, gaming and 2D animation.

I have always loved to explore, whether this be interfaces, applications or the world with travel. Learning new things, and creating something from those new found skills has always been great fun. Graphic Design has further pushed my understanding of these fields by helping me to think about the wider world and how these skill sets can change the future for the better.

Project Description

This project is based around the idea of having a showroom right in your house! The target audience of this application is people aged 25 to 40 who are looking to buy a car, more specifically their second car.

The problem this application solves comes in two parts. the first part is the buyer doesn't have to constantly travel to different dealerships and feel pressured within the showroom. The second part is designed to help the dealership, as they don't have to keep cars maintained within the showroom and can show more cars without being limited to colours or models.

Virtual Reality solves these problems through convenience for both buyer and dealer. VR is the future and is always evolving, this is just a slice of what is to come.

Home Showroom - check back for my video coming soon!