I am Cong Lu "Miko" from China. I studied advertising at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.
This year I am a student in the Graduate Diploma in Computer Graphic Design at Waikato University.I enjoy the learning process because I get to experiment with different media and skills. Design gives me the opportunity to observe and feel the world.

My work can reflect my imagination, which makes me feel very satisfied.

Project Description

MIMIQ is an Android app prototype that guides parrot owners in training their feathered children. Parrots are a highly desired pet, but there are few parrot-related apps available. The best training age for parrots is short and after that training becomes more difficult.

MIMIQ provides comprehensive and professional training guidance to owners of parrots of any age. MIMIQ has a flexible lesson schedule with activities to suit birds of any ability or age. Each lesson includes progress tracking, and the app can record the progress of multiple birds. MIMIQ is aimed at parrot owners from 20 to 45 year of age.

MIMIQ - Cong Lu