I study computer graphic design at the University of Waikato. Learning design in this course is very enjoyable, and during my time in graphic design, I’ve learned a lot of design knowledge and improved my design skills. I personally enjoy, typography, photography and interface design.

Project Description

Skateparks are frequently used by skateboarders and is an excellent creative activity for everyone who is interested in this sport.

For my project I will be creating a 360 video that creates a space to showcase different kinds of skatepark designs. The users can choose their viewpoint, and track different pieces of information about the skater and their performance. Target Audience will be people who want to travel around different skateparks in the world but who doesn’t have the time or money to make it come true. This project allows the users to have a better experience of viewing skateparks rather than watching normal videos.

vSkate - Andrew Liao