I will soon graduate with a Bachelor of Design. I came to study Computer Graphic Design at the Universityof Waikato because I have been interested in the Arts since I was young.

In the beginning, design was a hobby, but it grew on me as I continued to study design in High school. During my time here, I have learned many essential skills, gained knowledge and had opportunities that has helped me to grow as a Designer. I found that my areas of interest are branding, typography, print design and publication design.

Project Description

My project is an app called 'Adora', meaning "beloved one". Many chocolate brands mass produce their products meaning all products are identical and without uniqueness. There is often that last flavour of chocolate left in the box that no one eats or else the type of chocolate might not suit individual tastes.

Adora provides features that allow the user to customise boxes of chocolates for personal preferences and as gifts that send a thoughtful message. To optimise the overall experience, the app provides a broad selection of flavours. The user has control of the whole process from the beginning to end and can customise how the box of chocolates is assembled. The user options include package, shape, size, type of chocolate (white, milk and dark).

Finally, customised messages can personalise the gift. Adora app allows users to create customisable chocolates in the comfort of their own time so that they can create more meaningful gifts. The chocolate carries more sincerity to the receiver than typical pre-packaged chocolates.

Adora - Aliesha Dang